Referral terms and condition

These Terms and Conditions form the agreement between Metaoriginalz, Metaoriginalz Advocates, and Referred Friends concerning the Metaoriginalz Referral Program.

To participate, Metaoriginalz Advocates and Referred Friends must agree to these Referral Terms, which become part of the Metaoriginalz Terms.

Our referral program offers you a chance to earn an extra token when you refer a friend to sign-up and create an account.

Advocate means the person who sends the Referral Link.

Referred Friend means the person who receives the Referral Link.

In order to process your withdrawal of tokens, You must have met the set of requirements stated.

1. Join Our Discord Community 

2. Follow us on Twitter

3. Join our Telegram Channel

4. Follow us on Instagram

All accounts will be checked. If you haven’t completed all of the steps above, withdrawal of your ORGN token will not be processed.

Some other terms to note:

1. The referral link can only be used to sign up once by a recipient

2. Referral Links should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes.

3. Metaoriginalz reserves the right to suspend accounts or cancel the referral if we notice any activity We believe fraudulent, improper, or unlawful or if We have reason to assume You are in breach of these Referral Terms.

4. Metaoriginalz reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals as deemed fair and appropriate.

5. Amendments to these terms and conditions would be revised from time to time.