Road Map


Phase One

  • Conceptualization
  • Research and development
  • Research and development
  • Team assembly

Phase Two

  • Conceptualization
    ( NFT – Meta Originalz collection
  • Web 3 build-up and token development ( smart contract)
  • Meta-Originalz NFT launch

Phase Three

  • Seed round
  • Private sale
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Marketing campaign
  • Social media optimization and growth
  • Sneak peeks into use cases for NFT metaverse collection
  • Market campaign with influencers
  • Token launch
  • App launch

Phase Four

  • Exchanges list
  • Viral marketing initiation
  • NFT marketplace launch
  • Collaborations
  • NFT VR Integration
  • App Upgrade
  • Game upgrade and further development

Phase Five

  • Premium member launch benefits
  • Virtual events
  • The Epicenter launch

Phase Six

  • Development complete
  • Brand viral marketing AD launch
  • 100,000 app download
  • Further upgrades

A Unique Community

We are committed to growing a thriving community hence we will also be partnering with wisely-selected entrepreneurs, celebrities, and crypto legends. They will be a part of our story and progress and we will build together. Our partnerships move beyond collaborations towards meet-ups, closed-door events, and advertisements in the biggest cities in the world.

Get ready! For something new, dynamic, and ORIGINAL.

Our Partners